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"Horizons", 1882-1883

The Ottoman journal Afak (“Horizons”) was published in Istanbul between 1882 and 1883 in seven issues. The editorial board consisted of Muallim Naci, Mehmed Şükrü, Tevfik Rıza and Mehmed Nadir and A. Kamil. The magazine contains poems and articles written by Arif Hikmet, Muallim Feyzi, known as Acem, Reciazade Celal, and Giritli Sırrı Pasha. In addition, translations of poetry and prose, mostly from French authors such as Diderot, Fénelon, Herder, Lamartine, as well as articles on scientific subjects were published. In the years after the Tanzimat period Afak became one of the characteristic magazines seeking a synthesis of East-West culture.